03. Region of Murcia’s innovation potential

Murcia is a mediterranean region with export and entrepeneurial vocation. Our will is moving towards a new model of economic and social development that generates employment, wealth and well-being. This model is based on knowledge and innovation in some specific and strategic areas, public cooperation and stable support for innovation.

The Region of Murcia has set important assets for growing that allows progress towards convergence alongside most prosperous and advanced regions of Spain and Europe. It has an important number of specialized and competitive international areas that are contributing to overall development, generating new employment and, which is more important, they are setting a precedent to inspire and drive other companies.

However, the Region of Murcia is inserted into a global economy, where the number of competitors has increased and the constant and vertiginous technical change makes it necessary to reinvent the existing business models. Our value comes from innovation and progress , our own self strength, aimed to an economic transformation.

The analysis of the social and economic context of the Region of Murcia shows a series of potentialities, which are driven towards constant improvement. The combination of opportunities of regional R & D & I assets, can build a solid base to grow Region of Murcia’s intelligent specialization.

RIS3 sets a valuable opportunity since it promotes evolution towards a new growth structure based on research and innovation.

The Research and Innovation Strategy for the Intelligent Specialization of the Region of Murcia (RIS3Mur) is a valuable opportunity since it promotes an evolution towards a new growth structure based on research and innovation, from key productive sectors and through the promotion of other areas of future in which the Region may have strong potential.

RIS3Mur aims to concentrate efficiently the available resources for the generation and profit of regional knowledge, by servicing previously defined priorities. Linked to the strengths and competitive advantages of the Region, research and innovation, therefore, acquire a capital importance to increase our capacities.

RIS3Mur is the result of a process of inspiration and consensus among the main agents of the Regional System of Science, Technology, Enterprise (SRCTE) – regional government, universities, research centers, technology centers, companies and business associations – alongside with social agents. The activities in which the Region has a greater potential for competitiveness have been identified and prioritized, as well as those in which there are great opportunities for development.

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